An endangered species is one that is considered in imminent danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range. Without human intervention, the species will become extinct.

For this assignment, you will identify one plant and one animal that are endangered and also a threatened or endangered species in Pennsylvania. You will give a description of the species including its range, ecosystem requirements and reason for becoming endangered.

On the APES Wiki page, identify the plant and animal that you will study by putting adding the animal name followed by your name. This can be done as soon as you decide on a species. No two students can study the same species.

Rubric: (for each species)

Picture(s) of species 5 pts
Description (characteristics, habits, needed resources) 5 pts
Possible reasons for becoming endangered 5 pts
Efforts to aid recovery of species 5 pts

Also on the Wiki page, I want you to add your response to the following question: Why should I care about endangered species? Isn’t this just nature’s “survival of the fittest?” (5 pts)

Due Monday, December 5, 2011