In your previous biology courses and even in your social studies classes, you have learned about the different biomes around the globe. An understanding of the global distribution of biomes and knowing the differences in what grows where and why, is essential to the study of global environmental science. Furthermore, an understanding of the overall patterns of human disturbance gives great insight to the stress and changes required of the organisms within each biome.

For this project, you and your partner will develop a wiki that addresses the following:
1. Biotic and abiotic description of the biome including climate, location, plant adaptations, animal adaptations, and examples of cooperation and/or competition.
2. Research, identify and discuss at least 2 human impacts on the biome
3. Select at least 2 organisms (producer and/or consumer) that are either threatened or endangered in your biome. What changes in the biome have caused this organism to become threatened or endangered? How are these issues being addressed?
4. Research and identify at least two invasive species to the biome. Analyze the possible effect on other species within the same trophic level and species in other trophic levels.

The project will be evaluated according to the following rubric: